For Individual Therapy

I feel so enriched, guided, and nutured. Six months ago I felt lost, confused, and saddened by the betrayals in my marriage. In seeking professional help, I came to realize how much strength I have within me. I wasn’t sure that I could get through the diffiulty of a divorce. But since the start of therapy, I have been seeing and feeling so much positive direction in my life. As I sit and write this testimonial, I can really feel the power of it all. Thank you, Julie.

- Terry N.

Julie is as soulful as she is skillful. She offers a unique blend of traditional counseling, leavened with a range of perspectives and expereinces that treat the whole person. One comes away not only with a clearer understanding of what needs to happen for healing to occur, but having experiened the gift of being seen, understood and appreciated.

Jerry C.

What’s it like to open a door to a place that is filled with complete peace and kindness? To a place where you will not be blamed or judged? Where you can talk freely and someone will really listen to you? And while you are there, you will feel loved and supported? When you walk back out of that door, you will have something you can hold onto for the rest of that day, week or longer.

I came thourgh those doors feeling angry, frustrated, and unhappy. After just a few months of therapy, I can say that I feel so calmer and more peaceful. Julie Cohen has helped me to transform back in to the loving and kind person I once was. She continues to hold the key that will help guide me in my everyday experiences. Julie is teaching me to embrace who I am and to understand the challenges that I face. I am so grateful to her, and for her. She has totally changed my life, and I thank her so much for that.

- Amy P.

Therapy with Julie has been a new experience for me. Having been through many years of cognitive therapy, I still felt that there was unearthed emotional ground within me that I really did not know how to access. Now I feel like I am on an inner journey; a discovery of myself - the person I truly am. Working with Julie is soulful, nurturing, spiritual and emotionally healing, even through the challenging parts. I value her for the unfailing support, integrity, compassion and love she offers me. For anyone who is ready to take on the challenge of coming home to herself, Julie is a thrustworhy companion for the journey.

- Erica A. 

Julie Cohen brings profound wisdom, love and skill to her practice, and plies her work with extraordinary adeptness and deliberation. She provides counseling in an atmosphere of unconditional safety and respect. The work can be hard, but it is always relevant to the goal of creating durable internal shifts that lead to change. I am so lucky to have  found Julie and recommend her to anyone who truly wants to be more open-hearted, healthy, whole, happy and effective in life.

- Michael B. 

Always when I left our session, I felt stronger and more connected to my true self. Each time. And when I walked down teh street to my car, I could feel the warmth and the glow of my own inner light. That is the gift you have given me. I will visit that place often, that ‘end of the session’ place and just know it will be a continued source of strength for me.

- Valerie M. 

For Couples and Family Therapy

When my wife and I hit a bump in the road, we were lucky enough to find Julie and her no nonsense approach. Julie speaks from her experience and her heart,  when you are looking for guidance and answers, she is really what you need.

- Angelo V..

Julie Cohen is an incredibly effective, caring, and supportive therapist. My husband and I have tried several marriange counselors over the years, and not one can compare to Julie. She is driven to do everything in her power to help couples develop a more loving way of life together. Julie is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, wise, and gifted. I originally was looking for a therapist to help us deal with the lingering effects of childhood abuse. Julie understood how to explore our pasts so that we could heal our marriage. we are continuing to work very hard together. Julie has been a gift to us, and I feel very blessed to have found her.

- R. K

We met Julie about a year and a half ago.  My pediatrician recommended her when I told him I was having a tough time with my 3  1/2 year old son. When my husband and I met with her, there was an instant connection.  She was so easy to talk to.  She listened to what was going on at home and gave suggestions to help us.  Each week we would talk about how the week before went and we would tweak the strategies we were using.  Over the course of about 6 months, I noticed a tremendous change in not only my son, but in myself and my husband.  We stopped our sessions because of time constraints, but I felt like I was in a good place with my son and now have many techniques to help him.  I will always be grateful to Julie for helping me get to know my son again.         

-Sarah V.

I was initially resistant to couples therapy. My husband and I had struggled for years on our own, trying to work through our issues and avoid separation and possibly divorce. At the point where we believed we could not make it work, my husband issues an ultimatum to me to try counseling, even if it might validate that we could not work it out. At least we could have said we tried everything. 

Over the years working with Julie, I have learned a lot about myself and about my husband. I can honestly say that our marriage and our communication has drastically improved as a result. It hasn’t been easy. Julie makes me confront some of my  most stubborn habits - but it has changed me, and that’s good for my marriage and for myself. Julie is a skilled professional and has helped both my husband and I solidify the foundation of our partnership and carve a path for a lifetime of happiness together. 

- Barbara C.  

From Parents, Kids, and Teens

Run, don’t walk, to these parenting groups and seminars! Julie Cohen presents information in a playful, informative and practical way. She is my inspiration, and I am forever grateful.

- Susan Boudreau, parent

I consider myself to have been so fortunate to have found Julie Cohen. She has helped my adolescent son navigate through some pretty tough life situations. He was initially resistant to any sort of therapy, but felt an instant connection with Julie. She has a wonderful approach with children, and my son quickly came to thoroughly enjoy his sessions with her. She’s compassionate and has a holistic approach to healing in a very warm and comfortable setting for kids. It’s wonderful to know taht my son has a safe and trustin outlet with someone like her, and his emotional growth has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Julie to anyone who is onsidering therapy for themselve or their family.

- Michele I.

I started seeing Julie when I was thirteen because my parents had just separated, and she has been in and out of my life ever since. I didn’t know that there would be many other things that had yet to be discovered with me that needed attention. Julie worked closely with me to find the things that I needed to work on most, through a variety of techniques, including artistic creation, writing and just talking about y feelings. What I like most about working with Julie is that she recognizes that it’s hard for most people to talk about what bothers them most. She respects that everyone needs to approach doing so in a different way, but at the same time knows how to address the issues that are most important. Julie’s support was great because even after I left for  college, she continued to email me just to say hello and even to remind me of some of the things we had worked on together. She has taught me many good ways to handle problems on my own that in our earlier sessions, I would not have known how to deal with them at all. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be wrong and to make mistakes as long as you learn and try to turn it into an opportunity to better yourself. I don’t think I could have accomplished this without her help. I think Julie is the best because she’s always there to talk to, whether you have a problem and need advice or just want to say hi, and it’s more like having a really helpful and caring friend than just having a therapist.

- Amanda, age 19

Prior to meeting Julie, my 15 year old daughter had seen two other psychotherapists and did not find either one helpful. My pediatrician recommended Julie Cohen, and after taking a look at her website, I thought I would give it one more try. My daughter was reluctant and skeptical but was willing to see her just once. As soon as we opened the door to Julie’s office, we both knew this was going to be a different experience.

When you enter Julie’s office, you feel like you’ve entered a warm, safe and magical environment where healing can take place. It was also such a relief to find that Julie was as warm and approachable as she appeared on her website. She reminded me of one of my best friends. 

After that initial meeting, my daughter decided she wanted to give it a try and see Julie. It’s now been four months, and my daughter has developed a strong connection with Julie and values the weekly sessions.

From a mother’s point of view, Julie has been stellar in her support. She takes the time to read my emails and responds with well thought =-out advice filled with much wisdom, understanding and practical next steps. On several occasions, she has gone beyond the extra mile and called me. Even through the phone, I can sense that she is really listening to all of my concerns, and this gives me great comfort. By the end of our calls, I not only feel heard but I also feel empowered to move forward. 

Julie is an exceptional therapist simply because she is an incredible person. When you see her, you are receiving the gift of who she is. She has an arsenal of gifts that she brings to her work - her life experiences, her creativity, her energy, and her strong passion and desire for people to live whole and healthy lives. She can be soft and tender one moment, but she can also shell out tough love when necessary.

My daughter is still working through her struggles, but I feel very hopeful for her because I know she has such wonderful support from Julie. Although Julie is working primarily with our daughter, she is also a strong support for my husband and me. Julie is an extremely gifted and generous therapist who has been a blessing to my family.

- Susan S.

Before I started to see Julie, I felt very sad. My parents were divorced and a lot was going on. After I started going to her, I felt better right after the first session. I highly recommend seeing her!

- Richie, age 11