Specialties and Areas of Focus:


       My work recognizes and honors the unique

       configuration that is you.

No matter what your challenges may be, you already have inside of you a pull towards wellness,  a foundation, however solid or rocky, that seeks to integrate the many parts of you into a unifying whole, understanding that we are not one, but many things. 

 Self-Esteem                                                                Couples, Family, Relationship Issues

Codependency and Better Boundaries                    Separation and Divorce; Blended Families

Stress Management                                                    Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Feeling Overwhelmed                                                Life Transitions                                                                                                                                                                                

Parenting Support                                                      Family-of-Origin Work                                                                 

Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse                                   

Incest Recovery                                                          Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse           Inner Child Work

Depression                                                                   Parts Work/Internal Family Systems

Abandonment Issues                                                  Chronic Anger and Resentment

Adoption                                                                       Sexuality

Releasing of Self-Defeating Patterns                        Conflict Resolution

Body Image and Issues                                               Eating Challenges/Disorders

Hoarding                                                                       Special Needs Families

OCD and Compulsive Behaviors                                LIfe Purpose

Creative Blocks                                                             Work and Career

Men’s Issues                                                                  Integration of Body, Mind and 

Spirituality                                                                     Sexual Assault  

Verbal Abuse                                                                 Holisitic Living 

Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants                         Chronic “Doing”

Attention Deficit                                                          LGBTQ 


Addiction and Recovery - drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, gambling. any and all behaviors

Health Challenges, including new diagnosis, living with cancer and/or chronic illness

SKYPE and FaceTime sessions are available for your convenience