An Invitation To Come Home To Yourself

Julie Cohen, LCSW

Would you like to have a better relationship with yourself, a relationship that honors,

 cares and supports your well-being and happiness?

In a safe and honoring space, I will help you come into greater partnership with you. You will learn to listen and respond to the many parts of you, so that you can actively create your life, rather than have life create you. Whether you come to therapy alone, or in the context of family or couples work, you are guaranteed to develop a more calm and  loving relationship with the significant others in your life, and the larger world, too.

I offer this invitation to you because I know this journey well. I have traveled this road personally, having done my own inner homework in a focused and committed way, and continue to do so. Because I actively pursue a life rooted in well-being and wholeness, I am able to support others to do the same. 

Each and every one of us deserves to feel good in their being, no matter what has come before, to live a full and happy life that reflects our core values, hopes, and dreams. I would be honored to support you in your personal journey towards healing and renewal. 


I long, as does every human being, to be at 

home wherever I find myself.

Maya Angelou