When Mother Theresa received her Nobel Prize,

 she was asked the question,

“What can we do to promote world peace?”

She replied . . .

“Go home and love your family.”

Families are a funny bunch. They can be our greatest gift and our greatest challenge, often in the span of a few moments time. Whatever stress and strain your family may be experiencing, there is always an opportunity to learn new ways of being together that improve the quality of these most important relationships. Through the healing of emotional wounds, your family can restore a sense of harmony. This is true for relationships that have been strained for awhile, or for those families that are currently experiencing a crisis.

Family therapy seeks to bring the foundation of a loving and functional family back into your home and onto your doorstep. A family therapist can help family members form healthy attachments to one another, supporting and enriching the entire family unit. 

Often, in family therapy sessions, we will work on issues using activities that are designed to further communication and bring your relationships to a more expansive and peaceful place, often with play and fun.  When children are involved, especially, you can count on sessions that utilize alternative ways of expressing feelings, such as art, collage, writing and drama.


Family therapy includes work with all kinds of families . . . separating or divorced families, couples, gay and straight, adult siblings, family-of-origin members, extended families and families engaged in a family business. There are many different configurations that make up “family.”  

All families are welcome here.

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