Special Needs Families

Parenting is one tough job under the smoothest of circumstances, but Special Needs parents are called upon to take the hardest job in the world and raise the stakes even higher. When we factor in the challenges that accompany special needs children and the devotion to parenting them with the best of intentions, it is little wonder how stress can be felt radiating in all aspects of life. With little support in the outside world, it is imperative that Special Needs parents learn how to take the very best care of themselves. Just as the directive on an airplane says to first place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing one on a child, so it is with families. If we don’t bring fresh air to ourselves, we have little left to give to our children. Yes, we may be great at taking care of details, and we may reign king or queen of multi-tasking, but we do so at the risk of losing our capacity for joy and well-being. When parents grow themselves well, they are bound to grow their children well, too.

I am a mom to a hearing-impaired child who now has a cochlear implant. I know the shock, disbelief and sorrow that comes when first learning that one’s beloved child is going to live a life that will be forever challenged. With time and a commitment to doing my own healing work,  I became less overwhelmed and more open to the many life lessons that were presented to me,  some wonderful and some extremely hard. It has been 18 years since that dreadful time in the hospital when I was told that my son would not be able to hear, and I am here to tell you that it does get better. More importantly, I am here to tell you how critical it is that you, the the parent of a special needs child, get ongoing support and care so that you can continue to meet the call to assist your family.

Whether you have just recently learned that your child has particular challenges, or you have been navigating this territory for a long while, I can help you through the next steps, or simply hold a space for you to release your grief, confusion, and feelings of overwhelm as we draw on your dedication, strength and resilience. Therapy can help you find comfort, clarity and renewal as you are supported towards a place of self-empowerment. Bring more ease into your life and learn tools for managing the joys and challenges of parenting your Special Needs child. From the time of learning your child’s initial diagnosis, to figuring out support services, CSE meetings, schooling, long-term planning . . . no less what’s for dinner . . . the challenges are many.  There are  enormous demands placed on a family, on a marriage, on the other children in the family, and on your child, whose needs are truly special. Therapy offers you the gift of support and the opportunity to renew, recharge and reestablish the very best in yourself.  You and your entire family will benefit for years to come.

Periodic workshops and ongoing groups are offered that provide an opportunity for special needs parents to come together and share theirtheir stories of courage, frustration, strength, resilience, grief and joy. Special needs parents share a common language, and it is always a positive experience when you come together in mutual support, while developing some new tools for nourishing and replenishing your spirit. You are endlessly busy attending to your children. These workshops, and groups even more so, teach you how to come back into alignment with yourself.