My Clinical Approach   


I am a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) in private practice, integrating both traditional, holisitic and experiential approaches to healing. Much of my work utilizes expressive therapies grounded in a humanistic, transpersonal and family systems perspective. I work with individuals, families, teens, children and couples in an environment that is respectful, compassionate and empowering. In addition, I facilitate groups where there is a common purpose to grow and heal shared challenges.

My office is a warm and welcoming space that is often called a sanctuary by those who work with me, a place where you can hear yourself think and feel yourself feel, finding moments of peace and clarity.

My approach is an integrative and holistic one, focusing on the joining of mind, body and spirit to gently guide you home to your wisest and brightest self.  Together, we create a trusting and safe environment for you to do your inner work. We will gently explore any challenges that have gotten in the way of creating the life you were meant to have. We will build on your strengths and bring forth the many blessings inside of you. You possess many gifts, and we will access them, absolutely. Together, we will bring healing and wholeness into your life, releasing what no longer works for you, and welcome all that brings a deeper sense of connectedness and joy. This approach is the basis for all of the work that I do, whether the work is with an individual, couple, family, teen or child.

I am an active therapist, which means that I am engaged with you every step of the way. With a caring and open heart, I will provide you with support, new skills and practical feedback that will help you address current and long-standing issues. You are uniquely you, and my approach is tailored to your personal needs and wants, always with a steady eye towards your personal growth and well-being.

If you have a yearning to be seen in your life, to be listened to and respected for your personal journey, with all of its pleasure and pain, I will give you my complete attention.  Together, we will craft the life you have been waiting for.

My office is located in Nassau County, 

on Long Island, in Great NeckNew York.    


Please call  516.504.1881  

for a complimentary, 15 minute  phone consultation.