For New Parents

The first year of life is truly a magical journey, as your teeny tiny miracle grows and changes at a rate unsurpassed during any other period of human development. Learn more about the many wonders of your littlest sweetie pie and how best to nurture the many wonderful changes that occur. Come to understand your baby’s growth in four important areas:  the physical, intellectual, social and emotional . . .  and then learn specific ways of interacting that foster the very best in your child and yourselves.

One aspect of family life that is bound to go through some changes is in the connection between spouses. The arrival of a new baby can tip the balance in your relationship for awhile, demanding that both partners make adjustments. It is not uncommon for partners to talk about feeling left behind while the baby takes up everyone's time and attention. When you address new challenges early on, you are more likely to move through them and past them. Together, you can find relief and develop a deeper connection than you have ever had before. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or unsure, we can find the tools to help you feel more confident while adjusting to this wonderful and daunting change in your life and the life of your growing family. 

I can also help with postpartum depression.