Therapy With Children

I  work with children of all ages. I have one special room (kids love the space!) devoted to working with kids, designed for the sensitive and specialized interactions that are necessary to fostering insight and behavioral shifts - all through the back door of fun and play! I use therapeutic games and many hands-on activities to assist children in accessing and addressing their emotions, learning to verbalize their feelings and frustrations in age-appropriate ways. Learning and practicing coping skills is embedded in each and every session. No matter what the treatment plan may look like for each individual child, the road to achieving these goals is always paved with fun, increased It is important that my work with children is complemented by work with parents, as well. I cna only influence children to the extent that parents are willing to engage in the process. Helping  children is a family affair, and this is the context from which I work. 

Famy therapy works in a number of ways. Often, parents will call because they are experiencig difficulty with one of their kids and ask that I work with their child. I first meet with parents for a few sessions in order to get an overall  picture of the child and family. I want to understand what the issues are,  how these challeges are  typically responded to,  and what steps have been successful so far, if any. I will want to know about your child’s strengths, so that I can use these strengths to build upon.  Lastly, I will do an assessment of your child’s developmental history,  getting a complete picture of your child at  home, in  school, socially and emotionally.

From there, I will meet with your child for a few sessions, building a connection and making an assessment. Once this is complete, I may invite you back in to provide an overview and discuss a plan for going forward. Each session with your child will inform the next and what seems best for his or her well-being, and the well-being of your family. self-esteem, added confidence and positive behaviors at home and school - all natural outcomes of the work that we do together. 

What one parent has to say: 

I consider myself to have been so fortunate to have found Julie Cohen. She has helpped my adolescent son navigate through some pretty tough life situations. He was initially resistant to any sort of therapy, but felt an instant connection with Julie. She has a wonderful approach with children, and my son quickly came to thoroughly enjoy his sessions with her. She’s compassionate and has a holistic approach to healing in a very warm and comfortable setting for kids. It’s wonderful to know taht my son has a safe and trustin outlet with someone like her, and his emotional growth has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Julie to anyone who is onsidering therapy for themselve or their family.

- Michele I.


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